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Admin · March 18 at 11:21 AM

This is to the people who refuse to laugh at a joke. I write JOKES. I will write and perform them. I will post them on social media. Not every joke is a winner. Not everyone will think they are funny. That is never my concern.

As a comedian sometimes I will shed light on a Dark and awful situation. There are topics we need to pull out from the cave. Things people don't want to talk about bc they can't. We can laugh about things that are dark bc that is how we deal with it.

I do not Make hate statements or threats and I do NOT think the premise of the dark situation is a good thing. I simply write JOKES and I try to make them as funny as I can.

If you are a comedian you where I am coming from. If you do not, that is something you can learn about right here and right now. You don't have to laugh. You don't have to step foot into a comedy club either, you always have a choice. There are a varitey of coemdians and some you will relate to and some you will not. Some will make you laugh and some you will cringe from or check your watch and hope they get off the stage as soon as possible. There will be another comedian that you will hopefully like eventually.

The world is filled with thousands if not millions of working comedians. You have a choice what you will pay for. You vote with your dollar. Some comedians will not make it passed an open mic, where anyone can try anything out. The world has a way of weeding out the bad ones who don't bring in the money.

When a comedian writes a joke and or tells it on stage or any platform, there will always be someone or more than one that won't like it bc it is a situation that is close to their hearts. We as comedians understand that. We are doing the jokes as a way to bring out the funny parts of life. Life is hard enough. This is why we do what we do, so you don't have to.

If I make a joke about Neverland, I am making a joke about pedophilia and bringing out awareness about how bad it is. I am making fun of Micahel Jackson..the man who did it, not the victims. To think otherwise makes you unworthy of hearing the joke.

If you do not produce my shows or pay my bills, then I will not apologize for a joke. I don't have to do that. If something offends you, you have your reasons, but it still won't stifle my freedom to write and tell jokes. I do not live under a dictatorship and if all comedians were to worry about everyone, we would never have any jokes or awareness of anything dark with light shed onto it..It would remain dark and people get bitter. Laughing is healing and it's okay to laugh and remember comedians are doing something most people can't. Respect the joke as a joke and lighten up! if it is actually not funny, we can hopefully remedy that. If it is not funny at all no matter how we slice it, then we move onto another joke may be on the same subject until it is. Either way we try.

Now get out there and try not think too much. Let the laughter outweigh the sorrow. Give comedy a chance and get rid of censorship, we have enough of that in countries with dictators. Thanks for reading. - Victoria Victoria Toussie Arnstein



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